Beta On Sever Test =S

11 03 2008



Club Penguin Improvement Project Started!

11 03 2008
CPIP has started, if you want to help test servers then simply sign up at

And then you will be transfered to where you can help find bugs.

Here is one bug I found, if someone is wearing the blue or red soccer jersey, it will go above the spot it is supposed to be in.


If you find a bug report it at

Also here is the official Club Penguin Improvement Project blog:

Also I have found the SWF for CPIP it is or so if you want to play on the bigger screen use that link.

I think that this is testing for a United Kingdom version of Club Penguin because if you go to it will bring you to the server testing.

New Books!

10 03 2008

The new game is out, it is a prewritten story that you type out, however you can change the sceneraio at certain points. You can find the game in the book room:


Improvement Project Ruined!

10 03 2008

Improvement Project Ruined! -Oh Well!-

The Club Penguin Improvement Project is a day away from release. Soon there will be a redesigned CP website, you’ll be able to create temporary server test penguins, and there will be new features on CP. And looks like they might be fixing all the bugs in CP. [Click the picture]

Oh Yeh Dont Go Down If You Want A Suprize!!!




9 03 2008

Hiyaaa Pengins! -Heres Some New Stuff!-

Well First Off I’d like to reveal the Newspaper Glitch:
(CPCF members, Sorry This wont be a secret)

 1. Open the Newspaper
2. Go to Page C1
3. Now You’ll see the 2 last riddles has the same number, 3:


It’s actually not a glitch, It’s an unexpected Mistake by cp =P

For The second Cheat: Microchip123 made his Last Club Penguin Trainer.

Click Here To start Downloading.

It has New Wicked Functions, such as: Making all the Penguins The Selective color, Editing the Puck Size and Much M.O.R.E!

Enjoy Hacking !:

While We’re talking about CP, This are the 3 upcoming Free Items:

St. Patrick’s Day Party Items

Name: (Gigantic) St. Patrick’s hat
Type: Head
Cost: 0
Item Id: 663
Pic: Comming soon….

Easter Party Item:

Name: Green Bunny Ears
Type: Head
Cost: 0
Item Id: 664

Bunny Ears

April Fools Day Party Item:

Name: Swirly Glasses
Type: Face
Cost: 0
Item Id: 138
Pic: Comming Soon…

Club Penguin UPDATE And Am Back =]

8 03 2008

clubpenguin released a new Catelog. There are 3 Rare items that i have taken pictures of.

And Am Back On WordPress!

Red Sunglasses

Red sunglasses

Blue Sunglasses

Blue sunglasses

Brown Fedora Hat

Brown Fedora Hat

Its a bad day for Rare penguins!

These Items are SO Rare! If you are a member, be sure to get them! Time to give you the secrets.

Red Viking Helmit

Red Viking Helmit

Click and close 4 times for a blue viking helmit.

Green snorkels

Green Snorkels

Also club penguin have almost fixed rockhoppers New Migrator.


And Sharing Site With Munster23!

Sorry About The Wait Munster

8 03 2008

But Your Now Admin Heres The Site Take Care Of It!